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truck driver"I think one of my favorite songs is 'Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses'," says Charlie with a grin. "For one thing, my name's in it. But more than that, I DO have a good life and a good wife, Eve, who I love a whole lot. Me being on the road all the time makes it hard on her, so staying in touch is important. It used to be CB radios and payphones, but it was always hard for her to get a hold of me.

These days, I carry a cell phone that's got one of those nationwide plans, but I don't care what they show in the commercials - there are still plenty of places where you can't 'hear me know'. Getting me when she needed me was still hit-and-miss. That's changed since I got PhonePlusPlus.

Now, Eve doesn't have to worry about trying to find out whether I'm on my cell, on the road, or in a motel room for the night. All I have to do is program the follow-me feature and Genie* will find me wherever I am. When Evie calls, it will ring on my cell phone, at the motel, or wherever else I might be. If I'm asleep or can't take the call, Genie* will take a message for me, which I can pick up from any phone or even online. And Genie* makes sure I know when I have a message waiting for me - she'll page me until I get it.

I use my PhonePlusPlus with my company too. Now my dispatchers can get to me as soon as they need to, without having to try three different numbers. That's why I get more jobs than any other driver I know - because I'm easy to reach. I always get the message and I always call back . I'm a professional.

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