PhonePlusPlus Pricing - What's Included

PhonePlusPlus, the GeniePhone and the GenieCard

PhonePlusPlus includes all three services at NO additional cost. You may also choose to order PhonePlusPlus OR the GenieCard as separate services.


The GeniePhone is FREE to all PhonePlusPlus subscribers, their family members and their business associates. Calls made with the GeniePhone are charged at some of the lowest rates available. To see how low, you can read the pricing for domestic and international calls below.

PhonePlusPlus Startup Prices

One-time Activation Fee: $10.00
Monthly Fee: $9.95
Minimum Calling Time: $5.00
Total cost at signup: $24.95

No-Risk Trial Offer $1.00

What is the Trial Offer?
For ONE DOLLAR ($1), our no-risk trial account lets you experience ALL the features of PhonePlusPlus - except the GenieCard - for the next 30 days. You get the full-fledged product, not some limited version. You also get a free calling credit of $1.00 to use making calls on PhonePlusPlus.

How do I pay?
Today, we charge your credit card the One Dollar ($1.00) trial fee, and set you up. You’re ready to go!

What Happens in 30 Days?
At the end of the 30 day trial, you don't have to do anything to stay with PhonePlusPlus. We’ll automatically convert your account to regular, permanent status. When we do, we will charge you the regular "startup" total for your service plan. You go right on using PhonePlusPlus, AND you can order your GenieCard then, too!

What if I don’t want to stay?
If you choose not to stay, we’ll be sorry to see you go, but we won’t make things hard for you. Just write, fax or email our customer service office. You will pay only the ONE DOLLAR, plus any calling time you used beyond the $1.00 free credit you got when you started the trial.

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