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GeniePhone brings you - The WORLD

With the introduction of the GeniePhone, our subscribers will become too numerous to be contained in any one "country" on the globe. And so, it's time we put the world at your fingertips. Here's how:

As a GeniePhone subscriber, you now have your very own Country Code - 999 - that crosses all boundaries. In addition to your regular local service number and your toll-free number for "terrestrial" calls, your GeniePhone has a brand new "999" number.

And it's FREE. Not just free to have, but free to USE. With these new numbers, ALL your calls are free from:

  • From one GeniePhone to another
  • Between GeniePhone and a PhonePlusPlus number
  • Between GeniePhone and a Universal Office number
  • To your GeniePhone from any of our International Access Numbers WORLDWIDE

It's even free to download and free to activate. Just click here to download your very own GeniePhone!

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