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Just ONE Face of the Universal Office

Internet - The Second "Plus" in the Universal Office

Use the Web to Get Connected - Not Tangled

Let GeniePhone Be Your Own Magic Lamp...


The GeniePhone is a downloadable virtual phone that runs on your Windows computer, providing a complete low-cost, high-quality telephone solution. GeniePhone combines "Plug-and-Play" operation with world-class ease of use to bring you worldwide communication & mobility.

From the basic stuff you expect from any telephone (caller ID, call forwarding, good-old "hold" button or a call timer) to advanced features like integration with Microsoft Outlook, your GeniePhone does it all.

In fact, the GeniePhone does so many things that we have no choice but to give you the dreaded "features list." There's simply no other way to tell you what it does...

  • Use Broadband (Cable, DSL or T1)
  • Have FOUR incoming/outgoing lines
  • Use Microsoft Outlook Contacts OR GeniePhone's own address book (or BOTH!)
  • Unlimited FREE calling to all other GENIE-PHONE subscribers worldwide

Unlimited inbound calls from:

  • any other GeniePhone, anywhere in the world
  • any Universal Office or Universal Office subscriber
  • anyone calling on the International Public Access Network*

Your family and business associates may have been slow to call you before,
but now it's free!

  • FREE Domestic and international paging
  • Read your faxes, emails and listen to your messages.
  • FREE four-way conferencing - Domestic AND International
  • Save a recording of your calls and conferences on your computer
  • See you full history of Outgoing, Incoming and Missed Calls

(*The International Public Access Network covers about 5,000 cities and communities, in 40 countries, on five continents.)

Techie Stuff...

Our engineers love to talk about this stuff. So for the techno-philes out there, here are some other cool features:

  • STUN and Media Gateway for firewall transversal
  • SIP for VoIP signaling
  • RTP for VoIP media transport

Or Enter Our Web...

Even the powerful GeniePhone isn't the end of the Internet for your Universal Office service. What if you're away from your own computer? Maybe you're at a hotel business center, or just visiting a friend.

Manage by Eye, Not Just By Ear

Your Universal Office service has a ton of features that you can manage over the phone, no matter where you are. But sometimes you want to get an overall picture. Whether it's changing your call forwarding settings or checking a message, the Universal Office customer website lets you manage and use all the key features of the Office on the web - from anywhere, at any time.

Email & Voice Mail

Read and send email, read and send faxes, and even listen to your voice messages from any sound-equipped PC on the web. There's no special software to load. Just click and go!

Open to the Outside

You can also have Genie send your messages and faxes to any outside email address you wish. Take your information and GO!

Not the End - But Back to the Beginning

The Internet is by no means the end of the Universal Office story. In fact, it takes you right back to the beginning. The Office is the fully integrated solution for the never-ending cycle of modern living.

Click below to see more about the Telephone and Money sides to the Universal Office story!

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