residential"Nuclear family?" asks Miriam, jokingly. "Sometimes it seems more like we're a nuclear explosion - we're all OVER the place! The kids are off at college on opposite sides of the country, Rich travels constantly, and I'm out showing properties five or six days a week. We all have more of a relationship with our cell phones than each other

"Our PhonePlusPlus Genie* really helps us keep it together, though. With PhonePlusPlus we have so many ways of staying in touch that are easy and cheap - it's been terrific!

"Samuel and Rebecca can call local numbers at school to reach us so there are no long distance charges, what a savings! And Rich uses the International Public Access Network of over 5000 cities and communities worldwide to talk to me as a local call. No more astronomical international phone charges when he's traveling abroad or I can call him on his PhonePlusPlus toll free number.

"Of course, the most common FollowMe call we get from the kids is, 'Mom, I need.' fill in your favorite expense: books, laundry money, pizza money - you name it. They each have their own GenieCard Visa® Prepaid Card which makes things a lot easier. Now, when the latest fiscal crisis in higher education comes around, we can send them money instantly, without having to pay Western Union® or worry about checks getting lost in the mail. They can use the card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and I can control that they don't overspend on so called 'essentials' like a new Ipod instead of a course reader.

"Rich likes to use his GenieCard as an ATM card. Whether it's unexpected car repairs or just cash for dinner, it really helps knowing that he can get what he needs when he needs it. As a matter of fact, 'Honey. I need.' seems to be Rich's favorite call as well.

"I use my PhonePlusPlus Genie Number* for all my real estate contacts. No more putting my office, cell, and home numbers on a business card and getting unwanted, panicked calls from clients at 2AM. Now my personal numbers are kept private and my clients have the professional coverage they deserve.

I believe in 'striking while the iron is hot' and PhonePlusPlus is HOT! Last week I had a home sale pending and PhonePlusPlus let me receive a faxed offer right to my lap top, I left a message for the seller who's return call reached me instantly with FollowMe, and we opened escrow the next day. I cannot tell you how many deals that PhonePlusPlus has saved. Other agents in my office were so impressed they got PhonePlusPlus too and now I make referral fees every month. I may retire".

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