Professional Athletes

athleteTom is a professional baseball player. His team has him bouncing from city to city all across the country. Wherever the next game is, that's where he's scheduled.

"I love my job, but it's tough staying in touch with my family and friends. I travel most of the week during the season going to different cities, airports, and hotels, but things are much better since I got PhonePlusPlus," says Tom.

Tom can be in any city around the country where his team has a game. He knows that with PhonePlusPlus, his wife, his five year old son, his parents and friends will always be able to get in touch with him. Its easy for them, they have just one phone number to remember!

All Tom had to do was give them his PhonePlusPlus local or toll free number. Now when people call Tom at his PhonePlusPlus Genie Number* back in Cleveland, his calls will follow him to his hotel room, cell phone, or voice mail if he happens to be at the park practicing.

"Genie* answers all my calls and screens them for me. I can take the call if I want, or Genie* can take a message. I get all my messages from any touch tone phone or computer with PhonePlusPlus Genie Mail*, and I can have a conference call with my family in my PhonePlusPlus Virtual Conference Room anytime!" says Tom.

Tom's coach also uses PhonePlusPlus. Almost every day he sends a message with important information to the entire team. He simply records the message once and forwards it to the Team PhoneBook, Genie* then delivers a copy of his message to everyone, in only a couple of minutes.

Tom also uses his PhoneBook to let his family, friends and personal fans know how the game went, in his own voice, and it only takes a minute.

Wait a minute; Tom's is getting a page from Genie* right on his cell phone. Looks like PhonePlusPlus has a Virtual Fax for him from his real estate broker accepting the proposal to purchase a new house he and his wife made before getting on the road!

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