The Universal Office is much more than just a "telephone" thing

In fact, the Universal Office combines three whole worlds of activity that you may never have thought went together, in ways that never occurred to you!

The Universal Office is available in three service plans starting at only $9.95 per month. Now you can add Plus, after Plus, after Plus to your existing phone service:

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With the Universal Office you get Genie your very own Virtual Assistant to answer your calls...

  • Plus Call Screening: Genie will answer your calls as your very own "personal assistant" and let you know who is calling. You can take the call, ask Genie to take a message, respond with a quick message of your own, or transfer the call to someone else...
  • Plus Call FollowMe: receive your calls on your cell phone or any two alternate telephone numbers if your cell phone is switched off, out of battery, or out of range...
  • Plus Voicemail: access messages from your cell phone or any touch tone telephone with a local call in about 5,000 cities and communities in 39 countries on five continents. Access your voicemail free on the internet from any sound equipped computer or receive your voicemail messages attached to your email.
  • Plus two additional telephone numbers: a toll-free Genie Number which can be reached from anywhere in the US and Canada, and a local Genie Number in any of 3,000 cities or communities in the US...
  • Plus a Virtual Fax Machine: receive faxes without a fax machine wherever you go. View your faxes on the internet or have them delivered to you as an email attachment.
  • Plus GenieMail: access email from any computer on the internet. Reading your emails, listen to and manage your voicemail messages, read / view and or delete your faxes, read and listen to your pages.
  • Plus TelePaging: domestic and international paging without a pager. Genie will notify you on your cell phone (or any other touch tone telephone), via email or the internet. Anyone can page you from any computer on the internet worldwide or from any touch tone telephone in about 5,000 cities and communities in 39 countries on five continents, free of charge.
  • Plus Virtual Conference Room: conduct a conference on your cell phone (or any other touch tone telephone), with up to ten callers anytime you like. Your callers can call your Genie Number or access your conference without long distance or international charges in about 5,000 cities and communities in 39 countries on five continents.
  • Plus the International Public Access Network: no more long distance and international telephone charges to reach you. Your friends and family can call you, leave you a message, page you and even join your conference as a local call from any touch tone telephone in about 5,000 cities and communities in 39 countries on five continents.
  • Plus the GenieCard: get proven VISA Prepaid Card Purchasing Power. Whether you qualify for a traditional credit card or not, we can put Visa Power in your pocket. Make purchases wherever Visa is accepted, even over the Internet.
  • Plus calling card: even with all its unique monetary features, the GenieCard still brings you the unparalleled usefulness of a calling card like no other in the world. Check out the incredible features of the GenieCard - You won't believe how limited the calling cards you've used before really are!
  • Plus ATM Card: the GenieCard is an ATM card as well. Get access to your cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at ATM's around the world.

And one more REALLY BIG PLUS!!!

  • Plus GeniePhone Downloadable to any Windows PC, the GeniePhone gives you all the features of your Universal Office service at a mouse-click. From Conference calling to message, money, faxing and more, everything you want is on your computer screen, anywhere in the world. Wherever the Internet is, your Universal Office is there with everything you need.

Unleash the Real Power of Your Universal Office

Your active lifestyle brings communications needs like no other. Think about just these two things, and you’ll see what Universal Office can do for you...

You travel! It's been a long time since most people lived their whole life in one place. Today, you may go halfway across town for a business meeting or halfway across the globe for a sandwich. But other phone systems haven’t caught up yet. As you move about the world, the Universal Office network gives you a way to communicate easily and inexpensively across international borders. Talk with family and friends located in different parts of the world, or business associates only occasionally contacted by phone. Universal Office handles those “special circumstances” when your traditional phone service just doesn’t do it.

You want Privacy! Everyone from telemarketers to even more unsavory characters wants your contact information. Everywhere you turn, systems are capturing your number, tracking your calls and trying to market back to you – or worse. Let Universal Office be a communications link which you can keep separate from your ordinary, day to day system. Run your side-businesses, have a safe method of joining a social network, or any other reason you have for wanting a separate, affordable link.

VISA Prepaid Card Purchasing Power

It’s for everyone! No matter who you are, you can put the power of a Visa card in your pocket. Whether you don’t have a traditional credit card, or just want an extra way to pay, the GenieCard is the answer! Make purchases in ways and places that normally require a credit card, especially over the Internet or in places where carrying cash is either inconvenient or inadvisable.

Don’t let the banks tell you you’re "too young." Even if the banks think you’re too young to have established credit, the GenieCard is available, as long as you’re 18 or older. Parents – give your child a safe, risk limited way to pay for things by card. College students – get the power of Visa, WITHOUT the huge credit destroying risk of those "pre-approved" offers you keep seeing in the mail.

It’s reloadable! Add more money to your GenieCard any time you need. Shopping mall "gift cards" may seem like a good thing, but they’re a one-time thing. Run out and you have to go get another one – and another, and another. Instead, use the GenieCard can be loaded and reloaded by mail, from another GenieCard holder, or even a walk in transaction at any participating bank.

ATM Availability

You need cash! When it’s cash and not credit that you need, the GenieCard is there once again. The money stored in your GenieCard is in your hand, through virtually any ATM in common use today.

Simplicity Combined With Power

For all it does, it’s so simple! Your Universal Office Service is simple to acquire, simple to understand and simple to use. But that simplicity is combined with a powerful suite of features that will empower you to do things you cannot do today with any competing product. That combination is the definition of "Universal Office."

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