The Opt-In App - How to convert surfers into potential customers in 2 seconds!

Are you disappointed with the number of Opt-Ins you're getting for information about your updates, news, and the deals that you would like to share?

The number one reason that's stopping over 84% of surfers from signing up for your updates could be that you are missing an Opt-In App.

We will be happy to create an Opt-In App for you FREE of charge. We will create it, email it to you, and even provide you with the information how to use this great free tool, the rest is up to you!

What is the Opt-In App? The Opt-In App the one-click way for people to opt in to receive your updates and announcements. You can send your messages anytime, free, to one or thousands with a single click, in the three most common methods of communication, voice, text, and email.
How does it work? When someone clicks on your Opt-In App they will be asked to enter their name, telephone number and email address. Once they complete this process they will automatically be added to your SendTEXT and SendWAV PhoneBooks. That way, you can send them your announcements and updates anytime. Plus they will receive a free GenieMessenger Lite.
How much does it cost? The Opt-In App is a free service to all our subscribers and it is also free to anyone who opts in to receive your messages.
Where can I use the Opt-In App? Your Opt-In icon can be copied into the body of most commercially available email documents, websites, electronic brochures, coupons, or word processor created documents and spreadsheets.
How do I get my Opt-In App? You can select an Opt-In App from the 4 options at the top of this page or you can create your own custom Opt-In App with a description of up to 14 characters displaying the message you want to give your visitors.

To get an Opt-In App you must be a Genie subscriber. You can get your Opt-In App, by simply login in to your Genie account, choose “services” and click on the Opt-In App link. You can get as many buttons as you need FREE of charge.

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