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mobile professionalsRana Vridagiri, who works for a computer software vendor setting up and training new customers, is on the go so much she thinks of her cell phone as her best friend and her suitcase as home.

"We make manufacturing software that helps companies take control of their entire process, from ordering raw materials, to shipping finished goods. Whenever we get a new customer, I go on site to set up the software for their unique needs and train their start-up team. I find myself bouncing from one side of the continent to another, trying to stay in touch. Before using PhonePlusPlus I was always trying to just keep up, now I'm ahead of the game!

For Rana, the biggest problem was the communication difficulties of life on the road, catching a call between planes, checking in with her home office, handling questions coming from earlier customers and juggling time zone differences. "My company put in very expensive PBX voice-mail system, but it was of no help to me. I could only get my messages by phone, I couldn't have a multi person conference easily when I needed to, and I couldn't have calls reach me in the field, which is where I live! I decided to get my own PhonePlusPlus and it has solved everything for me.

"Now all my calls FollowMe as they come in, if I'm not too busy, or have Genie* take messages. I can be notified of anything I missed while out of range and retrieve all my messages, pages, and faxes by phone or on my PhonePlusPlus web account. And things like the on-line phone book are vital to me. Just the other day, I got a call from a customer and realized that they had not left me a number to call back on, and I had left my address book in my hotel room. No problem for PhonePlusPlus. I pulled out my lap top and logged onto Genie Online* , got the telephone number I needed, called my own Genie Number* and placed the call. The customer I was visiting saw how easily PhonePlusPlus worked and was very impressed. They knew that I could handle THEIR problems with equal ease."

My PhonePlusPlus has another great feature, my all-in-one GenieCard Visaź Prepaid Card; I use my GenieCard as a Visa prepaid card to pay for, and keep track of all the expenses I incur while serving my customers, I like keeping my business expenses and personal expenses separately, and I don't have to use my personal credit to cover my company business expenses. My company loads the amount needed to cover these costs directly into my GenieCard and if I run short I let our bookkeeping know and they can make additional loads to my GenieCard in real-time. Best of all, my GenieCard maintains all my expense records; I simply login to my account, print and attach a copy of all my expenses to my monthly report for home office.

My GenieCard is also both an ATM card and a calling card, I can get cash for taxies or parking, and make telephone calls when my cell phone is out of range or my battery is used up. Just the other day I did not have cell reception at my hotel, I called the PhonePlusPlus Local Public Access Number, got all the messages I missed and returned all my calls without having to pay those expensive hotel long distance telephone rates. Our bookkeeping loves that I save the company money when I can.

Rana's co-workers have been just as impressed. Two of them have since gotten their own PhonePlusPlus accounts. "Now the three of us can be great support to each other. It's a snap to conference call on the fly or fax a set of specs without a fax machine. And I make money for every PhonePlusPlus referral who signs up. It's the first time I've actually made money for doing nothing! The company is watching us very closely and deciding whether to move everyone to PhonePlusPlus. I have explained to them that it would be a major cost savings and enhance our productivity manifold. We'll be the cutting edge, world class, always in touch, company we're planning to be - right now.

"Anyone want to buy a PBX system?"

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