doctor"I got into medicine so I could help people," says Dr. Acosta, "and I don't know any better way to do that than to go where they really need help. There's plenty of time to build a practice and get the Mercedes if I decide to, but for now I'm spending two years in Central America, where there are no HMO's."

Dr. Acosta is part of a humanitarian medical program bringing care to remote parts of Central America, and before he found PhonePlusPlus, he didn't get to call home very often. However, Dr. Acosta has found that PhonePlusPlus is his perfect solution; it allows him to stay in touch with his colleagues, friends and family, even from far away without paying for those expensive international telephone calls.

"It doesn't matter that my cell phone doesn't work in Guatemala - I don't even need a cell phone down here. As primitive as the back country can be, there are Internet Cafes in all of the cities. In fact, high-speed Internet access is more common here than phone service. With PhonePlusPlus, my family and colleagues can call my Genie Number* back home and leave me a message whenever they feel like it, day or night. Then I can check my messages at any time, either online, by email, or by phone through the International Public Access Number in Guatemala. I can even receive faxes without a fax machine (try finding one in rural Guatemala!) - They go straight to my email.

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